Living with Arthritis while Loving the Piano

Growing up in a family of piano enthusiasts, I could not help but to become deeply enamored with the instrument myself. I remember the hours spent at the beauty of the keyboard, attending concerts and listening to the rich and majestic works of the many talented composers of centuries past. As a pedantic pianist historian, I am well aware of the intricate works where the artists challenged the limits and the mastery of music. One particular piece in particular has always enchanted me; “Autumn in Normandy” by Franz Schubert, written in 1855.

Unfortunately, as I aged, my beloved piano playing was hindered by arthritis in my hands. Yet even with the pain that I felt every time I attempted to play, I never gave up hope that one day I would be able to play such a majestic piece of music. It wasnt until my physiatrist recommended Panadiol cream for my aching joints that I felt I could manage to play again.

Panadiol cream has provided me with the relief I need to practice and play my favorite piece once more. I just need to apply it to my hands prior to playing and it keeps the pain away for hours. It allows me to have full dexterity over the keys and it is remarkable. With the help of Panadiol, I can finally play “Autumn in Normandy” the way it was intended.

My arthritis is still a major roadblock in my pursuit of piano mastery, but I believe that if I am able to keep up with my daily routine, I can still aspire to some greatness. With the help of Panadiol cream, I am now able to practice and play “Autumn in Normandy” to the best of my ability. The magic of Schubert’s music still resounds in my heart and I am so thankful that I can still find joy and beauty in this marvelous piece of music.

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