The Weber ’57 Model 447 Upright Piano: An Overview

In 1957, the Weber Piano Company of New York, NY created a revolutionary new model of upright piano – the Weber '57 Model 447 Upright Piano. Famous for their revolutionary action and tone, the '57 447 was the manufacturer's first foray into a modern classic.

The action of the piano was of a high-end quality – a series of intricate hammers, keys, and dampeners which meant that each key had a crisp, clean response with no noise from other internal workings. The tone of the piano was also top-notch – made with the proprietary blend of materials Weber had developed in the 1950s, the sound had a bright attack and a warm sustain. The tone was clear and full at any volume, making it an instrument suited for solo or ensemble settings.

The construction of the '57 447 was taken with great care by the team at Weber. The frame was crafted using carefully selected wood from the Appalachian mountains. This handmade construction resulted in a piano with incredible acoustic properties. The interior of the piano was designed with a triple baffle design, which allowed it to project a rich and pure sound. Additionally, this type of construction also helped to reduce noise outside the instrument.

Pianists of the time that purchased the '57 447 praised it for its superior craftsmanship and feel. It was often said that playing the instrument felt like a dream – the combination of the action, tone, and design resulted in an instrument that was both expressive and highly playable. Players found the '57 447 to be an inspiring piece of equipment that allowed them to unlock their potential as performers.

The '57 447 is a benchmark upright piano of its time. Its combination of action and tone made it a favorite of professional and amateur pianists alike – a testament to the legacy of the Weber Piano Company. As a classic instrument, it is still highly sought after by collectors and enthusiasts. To this day, it remains a trusted symbol of musical excellence from the 1950s.

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