"The Baldwin Model L Piano of 1937"

Few instruments can claim the prestige of the Baldwin Model L piano of 1937. This luxurious full-size concert grand crafted by the legendary American piano manufacturer W.W. Kimball and Co., was revered by concert pianists of the 1930s for its exquisite tone and firm action.

The Baldwin Model L was the pinnacle of the company's concert grand offerings at the time, and it was meticulously designed to achieve the highest standards of both build quality and musical performance. The piano features a one-piece cast iron plate with wide string-bearing areas, enabling the strings to vibrate to their maximum potential. This was the longest cast iron frame ever manufactured by Kimball, providing a superior platform for the longer strings which are ideal for producing deep bass tones.

The Baldwin Model L further boasts a fan-shaped duplex scale combined with a special bridge design which allowed for a wider palette of tonal colors and a wider dynamic range. The large soundboard, made from Alaskan Sitka spruce, ensures that the sound of the piano remains warm and clear, in spite of the larger and longer strings.

The Baldwin Model L also boasted an innovative bolt-together design which allowed for a more efficient and cost-effective production schedule than hand-made pianos. As a result, the piano was able to be sold at a more affordable price than its hand-crafted counterparts, making it an attractive option for some of the most famous concert halls of the time, including Radio City Music Hall in New York City.

Furthermore, the Baldwin Model L was the first piano to feature a workbench, a sliding cover that provided a convenient workspace for tuning and maintenance on stage. This feature was particularly useful for touring musicians who found themselves unable to hire an independent technician while on the road.

In short, the Baldwin Model L of 1937 is regarded by many as the finest example of the craftsmanship found in American pianos of the era. Its reliable construction and superior sound make it an ideal choice for any musician looking for a true classic.

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