Kawai UK120 Grand Piano: A Concise History

The Kawai UK120 Grand Piano was released in 1986 by the Japanese manufacturer Kawai Musical Instruments Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Founded in 1927 by Koichi Kawai and seven of his colleagues in Hamamatsu, this company quickly grew to become one of the world's leading producers of quality acoustic and digital pianos. The UK120 was designed to be an affordable, yet high performing grand piano, and it did not disappoint.

The UK120 was part of a series of pianos Kawai released at the time, which also included the UK110 and UK50. This grand piano was built with a Mahogany veneer and a solid spruce soundboard. The keys were made of Composite Acrylite, and the keys were ivory-colored. At 4'7" in length and with a weight of just 228 lbs., this piano was constructed with utmost efficiency. Its sound was defined by a bright treble that had just enough core and richness to give it musicality and body.

The Kawai UK120 Grand Piano was renowned for its consistent performance and exquisite sound. Upon its release, the Kawai UK120 had become a favorite among teachers and students due to its superior feel and various adjustments and options available. Famous composers who made use of this particular model include Satie, Chopin, and Beethoven.

By the early 1990's the demand for the UK120 peaked, yet production had to be stopped due to restrictions set in place by the Japanese government in order to conserve resources. However, Kawai has since resumed production of the UK120, and it can now be found in music stores across the globe.

All in all, the Kawai UK120 Grand Piano is a unique instrument, and it is still a favorite for composers and players in need of a reliable and affordable grand piano. Its high-level performance and affordability make it a great option for anyone hoping to purchase a reliable grand piano.

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