The Artistry of the 1914 Schlicker Imperial Upright Piano

The 1914 Schlicker Imperial Upright Piano is one of the most impressive instruments to ever leave the factory of the Schlicker Piano Company of Buffalo, New York. From the beautifully carved mahogany cabinet to the responsive and delicate keyboard, this piano is a true work of art.

Originally established in 1886, the Schlicker Piano Company was started by German-born master piano builder Christopher Schlicker. While the company has seen many changes over the years, it remains a top manufacturer of pianos to this day. The 1914 Imperial Upright model is a hallmark of Schlicker’s talent and personality, with its intricate detailing and craftsmanship that mark the company’s dedication to quality.

The 1914 Imperial Upright Piano combines attractive and sturdy design with its rich mahogany exterior. The exterior cabinet is adorned with perimeter panels, a large deep medallion, and corner scrolls. The mahogany veneer is finished with French polishing, a process used to enhance the natural beauty of the wood. Boasting a deep cherry red hue, the resulting exterior is simply stunning.

At the helm of the piano lies the keybed, which contains the ivory pressed lamellae keytops. These keytops have a 4000+ array of moving parts which form the junction between the player and the instrument. The keys are connected to the soundboard, situated in the instrument’s belly. This soundboard is crafted from a combination of spruce and hard maple, and contains strung tuning pins for 440-A tuning. Connected to the soundboard are metal cast iron plate, which serves as the resonator that amplifies the sound produced by the strings.

The 1914 Imperial Upright Piano is equipped with a two-purchase system, consisting of two rods which connect the action directly to the strings, making it exceptionally responsive to play. This upright is outfitted with a single-piece capo-d’astro bar, designed specifically for this model of piano. As a result, the action has an incredibly swift repetition speed, thus allowing for a smooth and consistent playing experience.

This instrument provides a warm and mellow sound that is characteristic of its era. Considered one of Schlicker’s finer pianos, it remains a favorite amongst pianists who appreciate its artistry and playability. As stated by renowned artist Wm. Jase, the 1914 Imperial Upright Piano boasts “a panoramic palette of sounds, ranging from fragile and sensitive to powerful and majestic”.

In summary, the 1914 Schlicker Imperial Upright Piano is a feat of exquisite craftsmanship that stands true to Christopher Schlicker’s dedication to quality. With its intricate detailing, responsive keyboard, and impressive sound, this instrument is undoubtedly a masterpiece.

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