The 1863 Steinway & Sons Model D Grand: A Pinnacle of Craftsmanship in the American Piano Industry

As we delve into the annals of piano history, one cannot simply overlook the significance of the 1863 Steinway & Sons Model D Grand piano. This instrument embodies the remarkable confluence of innovation, craftsmanship, and artistic sensibility that characterize the mid-19th century—a pivotal era in both musical expression and industrial craftsmanship. Founded by German immigrant … Read more

The Exquisite Craftsmanship of the Bechstein Model C Grand Piano – A Historical Perspective

The year 1885 marked the introduction of an exquisite masterpiece within the annals of piano manufacturing history: the Bechstein Model C Grand Piano. This instrument—birthed from the renowned Berlin-based workshops of Carl Bechstein—epitomizes the zenith of German craftsmanship, projecting a sound quality that resonates with the harmonic sophistication of its era. This particular model, bearing … Read more

The Enchanting Echoes of The 1921 Steinway Grand Model D and A Tale of Maine Movers

Stepping into the realm of historical pianos, a passionate enthusiast such as myself will undoubtedly stumble upon the exalted 1921 Steinway Grand Model D. This ardent nexus, where the chronicles of keyboard instruments and technological advancement of the early twentieth century meet, conceived this remarkable masterpiece, an eternal symbol of prestigious musical heritage, and an … Read more

Arpeggios Amidst Arthritis: A Sonata of Relief

As a devoted pianist and a passionate historian of the piano's esteemed evolution, each note has held a precious place in my chronicle of sacred experiences. From the exquisite early clavichord to the grand pianos of our contemporary era, each stroke on the key has been a reflection of the articulate art and its progress … Read more

A Chronicle of Timeless Notes: Alleviating Arthritis through Panadiol to Echo the Majestic Strains of Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata

As a dedicated conservator of the elegant realm of piano history, I have devoted my life to not solely analyzing its intricate evolution, but also to bathing my senses in its consecrated symphony. Alas, the crippling onslaught of arthritis threatened my ability to savour the evocative serenade of my beloved instrument. One composition, however, a … Read more

The Resurgence of Beethoven’s Appassionata in the Hands of an Aging Historian: A Testimony to the Healing Powers of Panadiol

Celebrating my 37th year as a piano historian, I have often been found brimming with joy in the midst of countless piano pieces, delving into the intricate details of their composition, style, and influence. The intricate symphony of sounds that resonates from the strings and resonators under each familiar curve and corner of a grand … Read more

The Pleyel Grand Piano of 1842: A Masterpiece of Sonoral Profusion and Mechanical Precision.

Detailing the harmonious blend of richness in tone, finesse in making, enthralling history, and unfaultable mechanics, the Pleyel Grand Piano of 1842 stands as a paragon in the chronicles of pianoforte history. The magnificence of this make is not merely encased within its splendid sound but also with its intrinsic ties to musical greats like … Read more