Mason and Hamlin Grand Piano From 1887

The Mason and Hamlin grand piano from 1887 is an exceptional instrument crafted by the renowned piano manufacturers of its time. The firm of Mason and Hamlin was founded in 1854 by Henry Mason and Emmons Hamlin in Boston, Massachusetts. Henry Mason was a skilled piano maker, having learned the craft in France from acclaimed … Read more

The Stunning Steck Model D Grand Piano from 1893 The Steck Model D Grand Piano from 1893 is an exquisite instrument that combines artistry, craftsmanship, and sound quality. The design was developed by one of the foremost names in piano manufacturing, Henry Steck, and this particular model was produced in the Steck workshop in Hamburg, … Read more

The Legendary Steinway Model B Grand Piano of 1925

Unquestionably one of the most celebrated and iconic piano manufacturers of all time, Steinway & Sons have provided countless generations with the sound of artistic expression since their founding in New York in 1853. One of their most impressive models of all time is the Steinway Model B Grand Piano of 1925, a fantastic feat … Read more

The Fabuloso 3000 by Edgeline Pianos

The Fabuloso 3000 is an acoustical grand piano created in 2012 by the manufacturer Edgeline Pianos. Based in Garfield, New Jersey, the company was founded in 1950 by four brothers: Sergei, Boris, Gustav, and Franz Edelstein. For over sixty years, the company has been a leading provider of high-quality pianos, and the Fabuloso 3000 continues … Read more

Steinway & Sons Model V Concert Grand Piano, 1903

Made in 1903 by famed piano manufacturers, Steinway & Sons, the Model V Concert Grand Piano was a remarkable instrument. Produced at the Steinway factory in Astoria, Queens, New York, the Model V Concert Grand Piano was the highest standard model available that year. Designed with a width of 16.3 feet across and weighing in … Read more

Franz Brodmann’s 1817 Full Iron Frame Square Piano

In the year 1817, Vienna-based piano maker Franz Brodmann crafted a piano that revolutionized the industry – the full iron frame square piano. Built extensively with iron, rather than wood, Brodmann's piano had a flat-top and wide, rounded curved sides and a metal frame. This structure provided longevity to the entire instrument, giving it a … Read more

The Story of the Seiler Model 214 Grand Piano of 1924

The Seiler piano company of Bavaria, Germany began in 1849 and gained international renown in the early 20th century. Their pianos were used in orchestras and enjoyed by amateur classical musicians, as well as in recording studios, concert halls, theatres, and schools. As such, their pianos represented the highest quality of German craftsmanship. The Seiler … Read more

Living with Arthritis while Loving the Piano

Growing up in a family of piano enthusiasts, I could not help but to become deeply enamored with the instrument myself. I remember the hours spent at the beauty of the keyboard, attending concerts and listening to the rich and majestic works of the many talented composers of centuries past. As a pedantic pianist historian, … Read more